Next Drop: 8.888 8,888 unique High-Fashion Goennjamins | Mint Date: TBA +++
Next Drop: 8.888 unique High-Fashion Goennjamins | Mint Date: TBA +++
Next Drop: 8.888 unique High-Fashion Goennjamins | Mint Date: TBA +++
Genesis Edition


Nine unique and hand-painted bosslike Goennjamins see the light of the metaverse and form a unique noble community that unleash a revolution of unprecedented proportions!


Phase 01


We are launching the largest Goennjamin in the metaverse!

Nine unique and hand-painted bosslike Goennjamins see the light of the metaverse and form a unique noble community that unleash a revolution of unprecedented proportions!

Phase 02


The community is growing!

La Familia! In the next step, a horde of 8,888 unique High-Fashion Goennjamins join his Genesis ancestors. Each GENESIS GOENNJAMINS owner will receive a free mint pass for this drop, plus five WL for their gang.

Phase 03


Goennjamins treat and give back!

In collaboration with our curator NFTawesome, we will be running a regular community contest! The NFT SUPERSTAR! Every owner of a Goennjamin (including the GENESIS EDITION) will have the opportunity to show us their skills and art. No matter if it is video art, music, classic graphic art, animation or whatever. After a pre-selection we will choose the winner together with the members of the "Goennjamin Jet Set Club" and in the context of a live event in the Discord. Afterwards we will develop with the winner his own NFT Drop and market it together with our curator NFTawesome. Of course, the winner will also share in the profits of the project and the "Goennjamin Jet Set Club" will also receive a share of the proceeds, which will be added to the community wallet (DAO).

Phase 04


We want to preserve and expand the world for the Goennjamins and his kind.

We will use a part of the funds raised to purchase forest and establish the "Goennjamin Forest". In the course of time we will develop this forest together with the Goennjamin community. Through this we will neutralize the CO2 footprint of our NFT project and even overcompensate it in the long run through further purchase / planting.

Phase 05


Goennjamin helps!

We will continue to make regular donations to charitable organizations such as children's and animal welfare organizations, which will be funded from the royalties collected. Together with all Goennjamin-Holders we will vote where to donate.

Phase 06


Be part of the Club! Goennjamin macht dich “posh”!

By owning a Goennjamin, you automatically become a member of the elite Goennjamin Jet Set Club (GJJC), which will offer you many more benefits in the future. Both digitally and in real life. These include: An exclusive Platinum membership for all Goennjamin Jet Set Club (GJJC) owners with many other benefits associated with it. Regular draws for whitelist spots from the best projects and exclusive "real life" prizes.

Phase 07

Hustlers of Goennjamin (Communtiy Wallet)

Goennjamin leads you to the gravel!

Immediately after the SOLD-OUT, a Community Wallet (DAO) will be set up and funded with 2.5% of the sales proceeds and continuously filled with 2.5% of the Royalities collected. The funds in the Wallet will be used to invest in top NFT projects as well as scale up charitable projects in Real Life and the continued future of the Gönnjamin Jet Set Club (GJJC) in the metaverse. Our goal is to become the largest, most influential and powerful community wallet in the metaverse. Our club is exclusive and elite and every member is worth the same! Therefore, all investments made from the community wallet will be voted on with the members of the club in a voting process. At the same time we will also start to buy a suitable piece of land in the sandbox directly after the SOLD-OUT to lay the foundation for the "Goennjamin Jet Set Empire".

Phase 08

High Fashion Merchandise made in Europe

Every Goennjamin Owner gets exclusive access to the Goennjamin Lifestyle Store. Only verified Goennjamin Holders have the opportunity to store exclusive limited fashion and lifestyle drops.

Phase 09


We will regularly raffle off amazing prizes among all owners of a Goennjamin. The prizes will be super rare and exclusive! The value of the prizes depends on the current floorprice at the time of the auction. From limited sneakers to a Rolex to an exclusive sports car, everything can be included.

Phase 10


Every Goennjamin needs his lady

A Goennjamin rarely comes alone! Every Goennjamin needs his Goennjasmin. The Goennjasmin will expand and enrich the Goennjamin universe. With the influx of the Ladies, we will expand the roadmap for the "Goennjamin Jet Set Empire" so that the future will be even brighter and more patronizing for all GJJC members. Every member from GJJC club will get an exclusive minting right on their Goennjasmin.



  • The Goennjamin Genesis Edition is sold through OPENSEA. OpenSea is the best-known marketplace for NFT trading, the eBay for NFTs so to speak.

    In order to generally buy and keep an NFT in your possession, you need a so-called WALLET (a digital wallet), the most well-known wallets are METAMASK or COINBASE.

    In order to buy an NFT from OpenSea, the wallet must contain a cryptocurrency, specifically ETHEREUM. You can deposit money into a wallet by bank transfer or another payment method, such as a credit card (Fiat).

    Once the wallet is set up, you can link it to OpenSea and create an OpenSea account in the process.

    Finished! - A Goennjamin Genesis NFT can now be purchased via (and only via this) official link to the collection.

    Step by step:
    1. Create a wallet, e.g. here:
    2. Deposit money into the wallet
    3. Link wallet to OpenSea & set up account:
    4. Official link: Goennjamin Genesis collection

  • The term NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Fungibility refers to the ability of an item to be replaced by another identical item. To understand what this means exactly, just think about most things you own. Your car, your laptop, your cell phone, etc. Anything you can sell on the Internet from your individual possessions falls under the category of non-exchangeable items, or NFT for short.

  • Minting refers to the process of publishing a digital artwork or collectible on the blockchain for the first time, making it purchasable or available for purchase.

  • GAS fees are transaction fees within the Ethereum blockchain. When you perform any form of transaction, such as transferring cryptocurrencies from one cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another or buying an NFT, you will incur transaction fees in the form of GAS fees.



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